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One thing that many of us fear is having an album of photographs that hasn’t captured the precious moments that we wanted from our wedding and having that doubt even on the day. Paul Studios is a wedding and portrait photography studio in Southend, Essex, that will surely eliminate that fear. It is run by multi award winning wedding photographer, Paul Fowler who does most of his wedding photography in Essex but is also willing to travel around the country having been commissioned in Devon and Kent. He knows several wedding locations from the back of his hand and does research prior to weddings so that he can plan his shots, saving a lot of time allowing you to just enjoy your day.

After conducting careful research on photographers and their photographic style, my (then) fiance and I commissioned Paul to be our wedding photographer. Paul took advantage of his surroundings and made the most of the beautiful characteristics of the grounds. I got married at the Fennes Manor House in Braintree, where each room had its own unique lighting and feel. We had various images that captured the real beauty of an old English manor house and its grounds which made every photo unique and artistic. What was also great, was that Paul’ companion, Saraya, was a female photographer, which made me feel comfortable about having a photographer capture my bridal party prior to the ceremony whilst Paul was photographing the groom and groomsmen.

Below is a slideshow of a few gorgeous photos from the studio’s portfolio.You can check out more slideshows of individual weddings here or on their website.

My Story

I met Paul two years ago at his studio in Southend in July 2015. My fiance and I arrived early, which gave us a chance to have a look at some wedding albums and photos framed on the wall. We had done our research prior to the meeting, however, after seeing the photos on print we were in awe of his artistic talent. I’m sure I relate to many people when I say that photography is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. I didn’t know what to expect and I just thought that we would sit down and discuss his portfolio and the timings of the wedding day. Like many who are in the wedding industry, Paul was very helpful and made us write a list of the shots that he wanted us to capture. For someone who was inexperienced about weddings, it was helpful to know what things we needed to consider and how our photographer would carry out his work throughout the day. Everything was crystal clear and from the first meeting, I knew that I wouldn’t have any doubts or worries that Paul and his team would produce fantastic photos for my wedding.

With our photo package, we received a free engagement photo shoot, which we thoroughly enjoyed and the photographer was really wonderful, and also a second photographer, Saraya, on the day of the wedding.

The day of the wedding

In the morning, the photographers were already at the venue capturing the grounds as I requested, saving time by doing it before the guests arrived. Intricate shots of my wedding ring, shoes and props were taken whilst I was getting ready and Saraya was in the room capturing my bridal party putting on their makeup and getting ready.

 I definitely recommend a second photographer because you get the benefit of having photographs of everyone involved. For the bride and groom, you get occupied with so many things during the day that you don’t get to see the reactions of your guests. They tell you verbally that they are having a good time, but seeing photos of them is confirmation of that.

After the wedding ceremony, my husband and I had a photoshoot around the grounds of the Fennes manor house followed by a group photo and then family and friends. Everything was so beautiful and I knew that the photographers had captured all of these precious moments. I could just get on enjoying my wedding and didn’t even notice Paul and Saraya taking shots throughout the day.

A week after the wedding, Paul contacted us to inform us that our photos were ready. We went back to the studio and were seated in a lovely little room to watch a video presentation of some of the photographs taken on the day. We were then given a USB with the remaining photos and my husband and I are absolutely in love with them. We have a fantastic collection of photos of just the two of us which look wonderful blown up, and the other images that were taken on the day bring back so many memories and emotions. My mother – who walked me down the aisle – had so much enjoyment watching the video presentation and images which meant a lot to us because she was terminally ill.

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