Meet The Team


Sharna started at Just a Day in 2012 at the age of 17.  Starting an apprenticeship in retail, she soon realised that the job was far from normal retail.  Now at 24 Sharna is the Assistant Manager and can do almost every job that needs doing in the shop, she says her least favourite job is the bins, but enjoys every aspect of the job especially the paperwork side.  When not at work she loves shopping for clothes and also going to the cinema. She says “the job is nothing like she expected and is better than she ever dreamed


Meet Jaz, who is currently studying at the University of Nottingham but finds time to keep our blog interesting and full of information.  Her favourite clothing range is Seasalt and she really enjoys visiting historic buildings.  We often wonder how she finds the time to fit everything in!


Meet Kari. The newest member of the team at Just a day….

Kari is 27 years old and been with us a year now. Kari takes care of the Marketing and Social media for Just A Day, she keeps our social media and website updated.

You may see Kari at the local weddings fair’s and open days show casing our bridal gowns.

Kari also runs our Magic Mirror Photo booth and attends wedding’s and events along side Sharon where they both enjoy being apart of someones wedding or event  and bringing fun and laughter with our Magic mirror.

For more information on the Mirror, see our link at the top of the page or get in touch.


Find out where and how it all started, read the blog post here to find out more in an interview with Sharon.

A Thank you


Meet Mr Studley Diaper, this man answered the call of his daughter Sharon in 1993 when she had a business idea. A business plan was put together and he came up with the finances to support the start of Just a day. When the business out grew its premises in Little Clacton and moved to Ipswich again he came up with financial support. In return Just a day supported Sharon’s mum and dad through their later years with an income. Sharon says “her father kept her well grounded on money” and until he become poorly he always helped with the decorating and various odd jobs that needed doing. Sadly on 9th December 2016 Sharon’s father passed away after an illness aged 76.


Sharon opened Just a day Little Clacton 1st April 1993 and within 6 months by chance she met Laarni Byrne who had just arrived into the local area with her two young daughters, Annie and Paula. It soon became very obvious that Sharon had come upon one of the most talented women she had ever met and very quickly in the tiny shop Laarni was starting to design and make couture wedding gowns, bespoke to the brides needs. Sharon would work with the bride designing and making sure all requirements and exact measurements were taken and then it would all be taken to Laarni. Laarni never met the bride, she preferred to just get on with it. Her favourite saying was “dont worry, it will all be ok”. And, believe it or not, it always was ok. When Just a day expanded and grew the need for couture was not needed and Laarni went on to offer an amazing alteration service, again never meeting the bride but working off Sharon’s instructions. For 23 years Sharon and Laarni saw each other every day except holidays. Laarni went on to have 2 more girls Emily and Hannah and was an amazing mother to her 4 girls, who often had to wait for numerous things whilst wedding gowns were finished. Early 2016 Laarni became poorly and had to stop sewing and very sadly Laarni passed away on 17th August 2016. Sharon says “I still miss her and not only did I loose a dressmaker, I lost a friend”.


My husband. We met and I didn’t have a wedding shop! He has put up with the moaning, the stress, sitting at home at 10pm and saying “OMG, I haven’t turned off the steamer and I need to go back to the shop” (40 minutes drive away), or “OMG, I didn’t lock the back door and having to go back!”.

Being late home for my dinner because a bride kept me late…

Please, will you come and paint the fitting rooms…

One of the hanging brackets has come loose, will you come fix it…

The list is endless to what I have put my husband through. But, we have been together 30 years in 2018 and married 20, and he has been a massive part of Just a day and I thank him for that. If my brides Love their new husbands as much as I love mine, then they truly have found love.