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15/06/2017 Just a Day Bridalwear

We love hearing the details of our bride’s weddings, and we often get the lucky chance to look through photos that our brides have sent us on their wedding day. However, we rarely get to hear about their proposals, so we’ve been asking!

Here are some of them so far…

Miranda & Damien 

Miranda says…

Damien made sure the proposal was of epic proportions. We were participating in the Obstacle Racing World Championships in Canada in October last year. I had caught up with him at a point during the race and couldn’t understand why he kept speeding off. Turns out he was trying to get to the finish line ahead of me to propose as I completed the race. It was a very memorable moment in our lives!


Chantelle & Simon 


Chantelle says…

I was proposed to back in 2011 on Christmas Day. My partner pulled out a cracker from a stocking that was sat in our living room. As we pulled the cracker, the ring box was inside and that was when he asked! I was shocked, especially when he told me it had been in that stocking for at least a week before Christmas! I was so excited and happy; I called my parents straight away but Dad already knew because he had asked for my hand, which meant so much to me. I cannot wait to marry my soul mate in 2018, we have been together 9 years and have two beautiful children together.


Christie Jade & Luke 

The day my husband proposed to me was the second best day of my life. After my wedding day, of course.
After my husband proposed, I put on a pretty dress, we wined and dined in the Disney hotel and completed our perfect day by watching the fireworks and fountain display in front of the castle. The stuff dreams are made of. I felt like a princess.

You can follow her on Youtube as Christie Jade and on Instagram at @christiejadexox.


Zoë & Chris 

Zoë says…

We’re both really keen divers and we’re diving in Egypt when he proposed. I nearly spoilt it twice, firstly because on the day he’d originally planned to do it I wasn’t feeling great (too much Egyptian gin the night before I think) so I didn’t go diving. The whole dive crew were in on it so were disappointed when he arrived solo for that dive. The following day though we were out in the boat and I saw him fishing about in his pockets and, nosy as ever wanted to know what he was doing g. He muttered something I didn’t catch and changed the subject. I thought no more of it.
When it got to the actual dive, the dive guide we’d got to know asked if we could go off, just the three of us rather than in the bigger group we’d been with previously as he wanted to test out his new digital camera. He also said he wanted to check some of our dive skills so halfway round the dive we’d find a bit of sandy sea bed, kneel there for a bit and so a skills test. Fine by me, I still at this point didn’t smell a rat!
Halfway through the dive, we were kneeling on the sea bed as planned and Chris started digging about in his pockets. The dive guide had his camera in his hands. Then it hit me what was about to happen!
Chris unfurled a (waterproof!) sign he’d made in the UK and brought with him which read ‘Zoë, will you marry me’! Obviously being underwater I couldn’t speak so I frantically nodded but he had thought of that too and handed me two smaller signs, yes and no!! I then noticed a very sparkly ring tied to the banner with a piece of string which Chris untied and handed to me. I though, oh how thoughtful, he even brought a pretend ring on the dive but it was the real thing!! This had apparently appalled the jewellers who made it (Riley and Riley) when he told them how he was planning to propose!
We had to pull ourselves together as dive safety still applied even when you just got engaged. Chris had used up quite a lot of his air as he was so nervous!! We made our controlled ascent back to the surface and I think the first thing I said was ‘god, I hope that ring is insured’ then have him. massive kiss.
All the boat crew knew what was happening so we got back on the boat to a huge cake and people playing musical instruments and Chris and I had to dance in the centre of the circle of musicians while they threw money at us! A traditional Egyptian engagement celebration apparently.
We have now been married for nearly 2 years and the memory of that day will never fade. The wedding at Jimmy’s Farm in Ipswich was perfect and I LOVED my dress so much. I felt like a million dollars.

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