Heirlooms at your wedding?

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23/07/2017 Just a Day Bridalwear

Something old?

We often forget the popular saying ‘something old, something borrowed, something blue’, especially since something old isn’t always what you think of immediately! But if you’re interested in tradition, how do you incorporate heirlooms into your wedding?

  1. heirloom jewellery in your bouquet: place brooches into your bouquet with your flowers for a truly unique piece
  2. display family pieces for your guests to see: love the family ring but don’t want to wear it? Put on a small family-based display for your guests at your reception; it’s a personalised way to show the bringing together of two families!
  3. use family recipes: grandmother’s favourite fruit cake recipe can be shared with all your family and guests at your wedding- make sure the label is nice and clear that it’s your favourite and your family’s recipe
  4. old family photos: display family moments behind you at your head table, include baby photos of the couple to be; that vintage photo of your great uncle will be a touching and stylish way to display the ‘something old’ at your wedding
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