5 Things Brides often forget on their Wedding Day

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24/04/2017 Just a Day Bridalwear

There are a few things every single bride forgets to do on her wedding day! Be forewarned and most importantly remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the happiest day of your life.

You fork out a load of money time and effort for some truly amazing wedding food and chances are you will hardly touch it. You’ll be so busy chatting and flitting about the place that you’ll miss the canapé trays – but it is important to line that stomach and make sure you have enough energy for dancing later.

Spend time with your new husband
The day is all about you two, but for some reason you always seem to be on different sides of the room! Take ten minutes away from all the craziness and let it all sink it.  Remember to tell him you love him.

Spend time with your parents
There’s so many people there that you haven’t seen for years so you want to have a good catch up. However, don’t forget to take some time to chat to the people who have always been there for you and will continue to be there in the future.

Makeup touch ups
If you’re lucky enough to be natural beauty you won’t need any, but avoid flushed faces and dry lipstick in photos with a quick touch up.

Enjoy the moment
If you spend all your time focusing on what’s coming up you’ll forget what the day is all about. Relax and enjoy the day. It goes past way too quickly!

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